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What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes: Inspiring Karma Reminders

The concept of “what goes around, comes around” is deeply rooted in the belief of karma, the natural law of cause and effect. When reading about karma quotes, you often come across timeless proverbs and thought-provoking phrases that focus on the consequences of one’s deeds. This age-old wisdom reminds you that your actions, whether good or bad, eventually circle back, influencing your current life or even the journey of your soul throughout its existence.

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Understanding the law of karma is a powerful way to live your life with more awareness and a greater sense of responsibility for your own actions. Within this vast range of quotes, some focus specifically on the what goes around comes around philosophy. By contemplating on these insights, you become more aligned with living a more conscious life, recognizing the intricate cycle of cause and effect that connects us all.

As you explore these quotes, remember that life is a continuous cycle, and every action has its consequences. Whether they’re uplifting and positive or cautionary tales, these sayings inspire you to think about the results of your choices and actions, and encourage you to live in harmony with the natural laws of the universe.

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This section contains a variety of quotes about what goes around comes around, with focus on kindness, actions, and positivity. Let’s explore them!

  1. Remember that the world has a way of returning the energy you put out, so always treat others with kindness and watch how it comes back to you.
  2. Our actions, whether positive or negative, create ripples in the world around us. These ripples ultimately return to us, emphasizing the importance of making wise choices.
  3. In the wise words of Wayne Dyer, “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” It’s a great reminder to focus on our own actions in response to others.
  4. Efrat Cybulkiewicz once said, “Karma has no problem getting back in touch with you when need be,” which highlights the idea that whatever we sow, we shall indeed reap.
  5. Practicing good deeds doesn’t require grand gestures; small acts of kindness can make a difference and inspire others to return the favor.

Now, let’s dive into more quotes to fuel your inspiration:

  1. Sometimes, life has a funny way of teaching us valuable lessons, as expressed by Jim Butcher, “What goes around comes around. And sometimes you get what’s coming around. And sometimes you are what’s coming around”.
  2. Karma isn’t always immediate, but remember, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Keep sowing positivity and good deeds, and eventually, you’ll see the fruits of your labor.
  3. It’s essential to choose your actions wisely, because, in the long run, “You are not only responsible for what you say, but also for what you do”.
  4. Perseverance is key in life, and this quote serves as a reminder that “Even if things don’t seem fair right now, the universe has a way of balancing everything out in the end”.
  5. Finally, we close with a powerful thought from an unknown author, “Karma is a mirror reflecting the energy you send out into the world. Therefore, maintaining a positive attitude and practicing kindness will help you create a harmonious life for yourself.”

Note that these quotes are not only for motivation but also serve as a reminder to stay conscious of the choices we make daily. In life, always remember that, ultimately, what goes around comes around.

Quote List 26 – 50

Here’s a friendly compilation of What Goes Around Comes Around quotes that will resonate with you. Let’s dive into these thought-provoking quotes covering various aspects of life, love, happiness, and much more.

  1. “Life is a boomerang, what you give, you get.”1

  2. “In the game of life, you should always play fair because eventually you’ll have to pay up.”2

  3. “Happiness is like a boomerang: when you spread happiness, it comes right back at you.” 3

  4. “Love has the power to generate both happiness and pain, but it’s the love you share that comes around.” 4

  5. “Sometimes in life, all you can do is wait and watch what unfolds.” 5

  6. “Respect others, and they will respect you in return.” 6

  7. “David Mitchell once said, ‘We all think we’re going to be the exception, but karma has everyone’s address.'” 7

  8. “The boomerang effect is real: what goes around, eventually comes back.” 8

  9. “As you shape your thoughts for the future, so does the energy in your life.” 9

  10. “Cultivate good karma, and your life will be full of joy.” 10

  11. “A kind smile comes back to you like a boomerang, bringing joy.” 11

  12. “Karma operates like an axle, as your actions revolve, so too does your destiny.” 12

  13. “Be mindful of your actions, for every choice has a consequence.” 13

  14. “Karma lies in the realm of thought, so be aware of your thoughts before they become reality.” 14

  15. “Life is a balance of giving and receiving.” 15

  16. “Your energy determines the future life experiences you’ll encounter.” 16

  17. “Karma is the essence of life, navigating your journey.” 17

  18. “Sending positive energy into the universe will naturally bring positivity into your life.” 18

  19. “The more good karma you create for yourself, the more happiness will surround you.” 19

  20. “Every kind word uttered will circulate, eventually finding its way back to you.” 20

  21. “Karma is the natural result of your actions in life.” 21

  22. “What you give is what you’ll receive.” 22

  23. “Karma, much like a boomerang, always returns to its origin.” 23

  24. “The energy you emit shapes the world around you.” 24

  25. “In the end, what goes around, certainly comes around.” 25

Enjoy these quotes and always remember the essence of karma in your daily life. The actions you take and the energy you put into the world will ultimately determine the outcome of your experiences.

Quote List 51 – 75

Here’s a collection of “what goes around comes around” quotes in a friendly, second-person point of view. Enjoy these wise words and remember their underlying messages.

  1. Sometimes the pain you give to others will eventually come back to haunt you.
  2. Revenge might be sweet for a moment, but it can leave a bitter aftertaste in your life.
  3. When you intentionally harm others, you’re only setting yourself up for the same fate.
  4. Doing bad things might seem tempting, but it often results in unfortunate consequences.
  5. Committing a crime may provide temporary satisfaction, but karma never forgets or forgives.
  6. Choosing the wrong path can lead you to a cycle of negative energy that is difficult to escape.
  7. When passion overtakes reason, remember that it might not always end well for you.
  8. Your choices define the course of your life, so choose wisely to avoid unpleasant consequences.
  9. Hurting others might seem like a solution, but it only causes more pain in the long run.
  10. As Sylvester Stallone once said, “You are a prisoner of your actions. What goes around comes around.”
  11. Being mean to others can often boomerang and hurt you, just as karma intends.
  12. Evil deeds might seem powerful, but they eventually consume the one who perpetrates them.
  13. The universe has a way of evening things out, ensuring that what goes around truly does come around.
  14. Having faith in the justice of karma can help you stay grounded and make better decisions.
  15. You can try to outrun the consequences of your actions, but they’ll eventually catch up to you.

Each quote serves as a gentle reminder for you to reflect on the impact of your actions and strive to be a better person in your daily life.

Quote List 76 – 100

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In this section, we have gathered some powerful quotes that highlight the concept of “what goes around comes around“. They serve as a reminder about the importance of treating others fairly and the impact our actions can have on our own lives. We have also included some insights on fair exchange, right, and Buddhism. So, let’s dive into the list and embrace these thought-provoking ideas.

  1. You can’t escape the consequences of your actions, so think twice before reacting in anger.

  2. What goes around comes around, making it essential to treat others with kindness and respect.

  3. When you give love and compassion, it will eventually find its way back to you.

  4. A fair exchange is based on the belief that good deeds are rewarded and bad actions bring consequences.

  5. In Buddhism, the concept of karma teaches us that our actions determine our fate, and what goes around comes around.

  6. Vindictive people may experience the negative repercussions of their actions, so it’s always better to forgive and let go.

  7. The flip turn of life shows how actions can change our future, whether for better or worse.

  8. By embracing positivity, you radiate a sense of goodness that will come back to you.

  9. Taking responsibility for your actions can lead to a better understanding of the impact they have on others.

  10. Every time you choose to be kind, you celebrate the power of love and compassion in the world.

  11. What goes around comes around, so set the right example and treat everyone fairly.

  12. Each positive act you perform can make a significant difference in the lives of others.

  13. When faced with difficult situations, remember to think positive and focus on the good.

  14. Fate operates in a mysterious way, ensuring that our actions will eventually lead us back to where we started.

  15. By accepting responsibility for our actions, we pave the way for a brighter future.

  16. What goes around comes around – a significant reminder to live with integrity and kindness.

  17. Stay grounded and trust that whatever you give, you will eventually receive in return.

  18. Be kind, for it is the most powerful tool we have in shaping the world around us.

  19. Resist the temptation to seek revenge, as what goes around comes around.

  20. Sow seeds of love and reap a bountiful harvest of happiness and prosperity.

  21. Your actions have the power to create a ripple effect of positivity and inspiration.

  22. It’s never too late to change the course of your life by choosing to be kind and considerate.

  23. Compassion is the thread that weaves the tapestry of love, uniting us in our shared humanity.

  24. The choices we make today impact not only our lives but also those of others.

  25. Remember the golden rule: treat others as you would like to be treated.

By reflecting on these quotes and incorporating their wisdom into your daily life, you can create a positive impact on those around you and effectively pave the path for a brighter future.



























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